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Mankind has been hunting from the early historical times either for sheltering, heating, or eating, namely for surviving. At first Hunting was performed by stone and slingshots which is considered primitive today but later by the help of human brain and developing technology it was performed by arrows and lances. By inventing the gunpowder and shotguns, hunting activity caught a rather different acceleration. The tools we go hunting with, that were complicated in the past, are called shotguns.

Types of hunting guns

After being searched the historical development of the hunting guns we will see that it is not that far. As the gunpowder was invented in the mid of 13th century and in 1850s the shotguns, which were produced for hunting, took the place of arrow and bow. After that era, with the effect of industrial revolution lots of shotguns were mass- produced and so they were in demand by the public. Hunting was also considered as a sport activity those days. Today the guns are produced according to their types. Hunting shotguns are mainly divided into four groups which are; semi-automatic, pump action, rifled and double barrel. All these kinds of the hunting shotguns have advantages or disadvantages for its using purposes. So, it is performed by different types of shotguns. It is because of the kinds of animals. So, you need just a kind of rifle to hunt a type of animal meaning that hunting types depend on the animals.

The most important difference between classical shotguns (arrow, bow, slingshot etc.) and hunting shotguns is that the hunting shotguns defuse the animal without any pain. Moreover, it is easy to carry, you don’t need any education or technical knowledge seriously, and you will come through exactly. That’s why the hunting shotguns are preferred naturally.

Production of shotguns in Turkey

Hunting has been a habit in our country for ages. Both in Ottoman and Republic period, from the palace to the villager, people used to go hunting fondly. So, production of shotguns is an important sector in our country. The best shotguns are produced in Huğlu and Üzümlü towns located in the city of Beyşehir located in the province of Konya and in Gencek, a city of Derebucak. Especially if we consider that most of the shotguns are exported to lots of countries, we can see how qualified they are.

Production of shotguns in Huğlu

Native people used to produce shotguns as far as they can in the town of Huğlu before 1962. After that year foundation of cooperation, shotguns began to be produced in finest quality. The brands of Altobelli, Huğlu, Panzer, Tropical and Carlos are produced in Konya and delivered to all over the world.

SARIC ARMS the quality shotguns for best price

Especially in the province of Konya, the quality and substantial shotguns which are produced by current technology are essential to be provided by companies which are serious and adopted customer satisfaction. For this purpose, SARIC ARMS which began its business in 2014, has been exporting the best quality shotguns to all over the world. Adhered to its criteria Saric Arms, whose main prior purpose is customer satisfaction and which was founded by Ümit SARİÇ, is producing its shotguns in the centre of production in Huğlu town located in the province of Konya. Sarıc Arms concludes an agreement with around producers who produces the best and quality shotguns and serves its customers with the brands of Huğlu, Altobelli, Panzer, Lazer, Tropical and SRC Arms shotguns.


Ümit SARIC who knows the sector well and adopted hunting and shotguns as a living figure, and who knows the troubles in this sector, realizes the needs of hunters and began to provide stable, quality and trustful shotguns for the best price as SARIC Foreign Trade. Moreover, the products gained from SARIC Foreign Trade have reached to a success to be able to export to all over the World. In a short time in our company the customer satisfaction rate became 100 % and is proud of knowing and supporting the needs for the hunters.